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Wisdom is devided into two parts:
a) having something to say
b) not saying it
~Author unknown

Never be Afraid


Never be afraid of what you really feel.

A Good Heart


Forgive yourself for the blindness that put you in the path of those who betrayed you.
Sometimes a good heart doesn’t see the bad.

Happy Holiday


Let us all celebrate an event,  that has moved throughout history like an unquenchiable force for love. Merry Christmas everyone!

When you have too many!


Creative way of using those  decoration!

Baby is Cold Outside


Winter is here. What more can I say?  I love winter!

Comfort Food


Sugar cookies
Candy canes
A Sunday morning indulgence

The Methaphorical Edge


Day 5 photo-story-challenge

After quite a bit of nurturing, when a baby bird is fully feathered, its mama pushes it out of the nest so that young nestling can learn to fly.  It may flap its wings and then flop to the ground, but that push is the the first step toward a life of soaring across the sky.

We all need to be pushed our Methaphorical Edge, it is a bit scary, but it is the first step. Each effort from now on will be much easier, and when you soar, the difficulties will long forgotten.

Struggling With Demons


Day 4 photo-story-challenge

The ¬†strongest people make time for others, even if they’re struggling with their own demons.~Unknown

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